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Gay Twins On Video – The Ross Twins Share A Wank

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin brother? And have you ever thought about whether you would have gay twin sex with them if you did? I guess it must be pretty common actually, because you know that a lot of twins say that they feel like the same person – so it’s really just masturbation if gay twins get it on, right? lol

Speaking of masturbation, this video from Helix is all about some pretty hot shared wanking between the Ross twins, as gay lad Kyle gets into a cock stroking session with his straight brother Kris.

So as Kris is straight I guess it’s actually not fair to call them gay twins, but I’m thinking these boys have done this before – I’m sure most brothers have so I’m guessing horny twin brothers like them would have too. And I really like the thought of gay twins sucking each other off and fucking too, so I’m gonna stick with that description in my head lol

They seem pretty okay with it all though, and they have no real problems watching each other as they stroke their identical cocks and gay Kyle eases a toy into his ass to fuck himself with it while his horny brother watches and wanks to the show.

How far will this gay twin sex go? Well, when Kyle is ready to unload his hot cum he delivers it over his brothers tight abs, splashing his sibling with his creamy seed. Then we get some pretty creative cummy mess as Kris squirts his thick cum out over a mirror, with the reflection of his brother there looking like he’s taking a facial!

I know, that’s pretty creative huh? lol