Horny Boys Threeway – Link Aaron, Jacobey London And Paul Pratt

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This is one of those videos for all the horny boys out there who like more than the average inches of cock in their hardcore. Come on, we all get a little bit greedy sometimes, and Jacobey London is one of those boys who likes to get as much cock as he can, and he definitely gets it in this video from Helix Studios!

He’s joined by smooth and milky Link Aaron and the slightly more buff and tanned Paul Pratt for this action video, taking both of those dicks on in a horny threeway that leaves no hard cock dry and neither of Jacobey’s holes safe from being plundered.

A lot of the time I can decide on a favorite boy to jerk off over with a shoot like this, but all three of these horny boys are hot to watch as they all suck and stroke each other, working up to a real hard ass fuck as Jacobey shares his hot little hole.

I have to admit that being a fan of hard cock being sucked, seeing Link Aaron taking both those hard pricks in his mouth and servicing them is really delicious, but after all the horny boys have had enough of the oral and it’s time for some fucking, the sight of Paul Pratt pounding Jacobey’s cum hole is really intense.

When it comes to the body, I think Paul is one hot guy. And he has a real tasty looking cock too. But Link definitely knows how to suck some dick, and Jacobey is a pro at taking an ass-banging.

Nope, I can’t choose a favorite lol

Twink Schoolboys Kyle Ross And Jacobey London – Helix Studios

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Ah, this is the kind of video that really takes me back to those days of just working out what my cock could be used for! I was one of those lads who was a little bit “experimental”, always leading my friends down the kinky path and getting into some really horny and pretty messy action. I guess most of them are probably straight these days, but it’s funny how they enjoyed the cock so much back then! lol

Kyle Ross and Jacobey London are a pair of horny twink schoolboys in this video from the Helix Studios site, talking about their Headmaster’s sex toys. I might have to look into that a little more, but I think it’s part of the story from the full movie this duo scene is from (in case you didn’t notice, I’m more interested in the boys and the action they get into than the stories! lol)

But all that talk gets these twink schoolboys all hard and horny, and it isn’t long before the first inches of hard boy cock are being sucked back and savored. You guys already know how much I get off on mutual cock sucking, but that’s just the start of this one as they pleasure each other and prepare for the butt fucking!

Both these twink schoolboys get some dick in them, with some really horny flip-flop fucking. It’s the kind of action that really reminds me of some of my old friends. I might have to go and look them up on Facebook and see what they’ve been up to! 😉

Drake Isaac Dominates College Twink Jacobey London

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This is one of the latest videos on the Helix Studios site, and I really wanted to share this one with you guys after I watched it this afternoon and stroked out a heavy load. I’ve tried to get some of the pics for the shoot, but I didn’t want to give everything away. We don’t all love spoilers do we? lol

So this college twink theme duo shoot stars the slim and sexy Jacobey London, being topped by the slightly dominant Drake Isaac, and I’m left yet again wondering who I would love to be in this one. I think I would actually like to the a third – the filling in a horny college twink cock sandwich!

Despite what you might think, this is not GAP going adult (am I the only one who sees what they wearing and expects a dance number?) this is a college boy themed shoot with two really sexy boys getting to know each other with some really tasty cock sucking.

Dominant Drake Isaac is the one feeding his new friend his hard dick before he sucks some cock down too, but the ass fucking is what this shoot is really about. I shot so much cum watching that lad sliding in and out of his friend and their dicks spunking out the cum loads at the end. You really have to see the trailer on the Helix site to see how hot this one is!