Arnaud Chagall – Hot Boy Wanking

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Arnaud Chagall is a gorgeous young man with a lean and smooth fit body, and when I saw him today in a video with Shawn Beliveau, swapping their cocks and sucking each other before he takes his buddy’s cock up his ass, I had to go back into the archives of Video Boys and check out his solo.

I really get off on watching a hot boy wanking himself off to a creamy cum load, and I actually chose that one for my morning cock stroke before going back there tonight to watch him getting fucked.

He’s really sexy, and seeing him in that first solo in his biking gear before peeling it all off and showing off his thick cut cock was enough to get me stroking my dick and oozing precum.

You can tell from his body that he likes to be active, and he’s a total bottom too. So if you get the chance to watch the video you won’t just see a hot boy wanking himself off and shooting a really impressive cum load, you get to see him stuffing his ass with a toy too!

I love that in a solo video, and if I’d seen that shoot back then I would have known that he was gonna get fucked quite a lot on the site. He says he likes to have a real dick in his hole, and that’s obvious when you see him taking one.

Oh, and I definitely need to mention the cum load at the end of this one. After watching this hot boy wanking and fucking his own ass with a toy he really delivers a powerful squirting cum load that splashes out over his lean and tight bod!

You can check out the video of Arnaud Chagall getting fucked too, definitely worth watching and I can’t wait to get my cock slippery and sit back jerking off to that tonight.









Luda Wayne – Hot Boy Wanking At Video Boys

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We’ve seen a few posts with the stunning Luda Wayne before, and I know he’s a really popular boy. But I don’t think we’ve had any shots from a movie of this hot boy wanking on the blog before!

I was checking out all of the videos the gorgeous boy has been in before over at Video Boys when I remembered this one and had to get some pics on the blog of this hot boy wanking his dick in the bath and dumping a heavy cum load for the fans.

This is back when he was still pretty slim and relatively new to the whole gay porn thing. We had seen him sliding his hard uncut cock in some ass, and fucking himself with a vibrator as he jerked himself off, but he’s done a lot more since this wanking video too. He’s become a little more muscled in my opinion, and I’m actually not sure if he was more sexy then, or now?

I know we love a lot of the hardcore gay porn from the site, but just watching a hot boy wanking his foreskin covered cock like he does in this video, with his sexy balls hanging there and jiggling about as he works himself up to a cum load, it’s definitely a horny sight 😉

I’ve linked the pics to the preview video so you can see him stroking that hard dick in the bath and getting himself all steamy and ready to blow, I think you’ll enjoy it! 😉