Gay Virgin Denver Grand Loses His Cherry To Connor At Broke Straight Boys!

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I don’t know what you guys think, but in my opinion young Denver Grand is pretty hot. The straight lad has been on the Broke Straight Boys site since February, but in that time he’s become pretty popular with the fans there.

I do have a question though… how much cock does a straight guy have to suck before he can’t really be called a straight guy anymore? I guess it all comes down to the guy and what he thinks about his sexuality, and maybe he is just doing it for the money?

When it comes to being a gay virgin too, I’ve always thought that a guy only looses his virgin status when he takes cock up his ass for the very first time. And so far this straight lad has had his cock sucked, swallowed dick himself and fucked some ass – this is the first time he’s had any dick sliding into his butt, and whether you believe a guy loses his gay virgin status when he tastes cock for the first time or not, Denver Grand is definitely no longer a gay virgin by the end of this video!

Lucky Connor is the one getting to delve his shaft into that fuck hole and take the dudes virginity. He actually got fucked by Denver recently too, so I guess this might be a bit of a “grudge fuck” lol

The boys share a whole lot of cock sucking to work each other up, but pretty soon they’re in a hot 69 and Connor has access to that hairy young marine’s ass. Luckily he’s been supplied with a dildo too, and he uses it expertly to ease that gay virgin ass open as he gobbles Denver’s dick. But then it’s time for that ass to get a feel of the real thing and they get into position with Connor taking aim at that tight hole…

Seeing him fucking that tight ass is immense, but cum lovers will totally get off on the ending of this one. As he’s getting his ass slammed, Denver Grand squirts his hot load into his own hand, with Connor unloading into the condom while he’s deep in the guys ass. Connor pulls out and drips his semen from the rubber all over Denver’s chest and rubs it in before licking Denver’s cream from his hand and spitting it in his mouth!

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