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Andy Walker Shirtless

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Better known as Dane Dekota from English Lads

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Hot Gay Guys Fucking At English Lads – Dan Broughton & Henry Samson

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It’s pretty funny to be suggesting that a gay porn site like English Lads is actually doing something a little different by having two hot gay guys fucking in one of their shoots! But if you’re a fan of their videos you’ll know that quite a lot of the time they’re getting some really sexy straight guys experimenting with their gay lads like Dan Broughton or Darius Fernand. Almost every week they have a hot straight boy getting his dick stroked by another boy for the first time, or having his cock gobbled by a real pro, or even sliding his cock into a guys ass! It’s what they do best on the site in my opinion, but I definitely don’t mind them throwing in a video of some hot gay guys fucking occasionally when the guys are as sexy as Dan Broughton and Henry Samson.

23 year old Henry Samson is the new guy in this one, and to make a nice change this sexy guy is definitely gay and proud about it too. And while most of their guys arrive to have a wank for their debut on the site, Henry is jumping straight in at the deep end and being introduced to the horny gay lad Dan Broughton.

So, already they have my interest for being a little bit different, but it gets even better when we find out that Dan Broughton is the one doing the topping!

Normally Dan Broughton is the eager bottom boy servicing some straight cock and bending over to get his horny butt fucked, but seeing this sexy muscled gay lad sliding his uncut cock into another guy is a real treat!

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Muscled Straight Guy Drew Daniels Fucks His First Dude!

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Back in July we saw the muscled straight guy Drew Daniels getting his cock sucked by another guy for the first time over on the English Lads site, and as I know a lot of you guys are into the gorgeous gay lad Dan Broughton I was sure you’d want to see muscled straight guy Drew taking it to a whole new level and sliding his dick into Dan’s ass!

Dan Broughton has pretty much become the resident bottom boy for all the straight guys on the site since his first appearances. The members love watching him in action (myself included) as he teaches all those guys how to share their cocks with a gay lad for the first time. He’s so good at it and his laid back attitude and fun personality really seems to put all the guys at ease.

Muscled straight guy Drew was really nervous about his previous experiences, hiding his face and unable to watch as Dan sucked on his uncut 9″ cock. But now he seems a lot more into it, easing his dick into Dan’s willing ass and really fucking him!

Although Dan is pretty talented when it comes to taking a cock in his hole (have you seen him getting fucked by some of the other straight hung guys like Paddy O’Brian?) you can tell that Drew’s 9″ cock is a struggle as he winces and wanks himself off. But it doesn’t stop him from riding that cock and blasting a hot load out of his shaft before straight guy Drew joins in and coats his abs in man milk!

I don’t think Drew is fully converted yet. I want to see him stroking and sucking a hard uncut dick too. Maybe he’ll do that the next time he’s in the studio?

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Uncut Straight Boy Chris Little Blows A Massive Load For Dan Broughton!

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Uncut Straight Boy Chris Little Blows A Massive Load For Dan Broughton

Of all the hot boys on the English Lads site that I love to get off on watching, Chris Little has to be one of the most gorgeous boys of all.

This uncut straight boy arrived on the English Lads site back in the summer, and we all knew he was pretty daring when he experimented with some anal fun right off the bat!

He confessed that he had once tried jerking off and fingering his hole, and he really liked it. But the first time he’d ever fucked his ass with a toy was really impressive! He was so confident in front of the camera, and you can really tell he’s having a lot of fun as he pumps his cock and plays with his virgin ass to a heavy cum load.

That’s something else that really makes this uncut straight boy special – he shoots plenty of cum!

Since that first visit he’s been back again, and he really explored things with horny Justin for a massage shoot. If you’ve seen any of the other straight guys getting their first man-handling on the site with their massage videos, you know that they usually lay back and just let the guy wank them off. But not straight boy Chris Little!

Remember, this boy loves his cock, and he’s really playful and adventurous. What was supposed to be a video of an uncut straight boy getting jerked off by another guy for the first time turned into a mutual massage video, with our horny straight lad taking a load of anal toy action too! It definitely did the trick for him though, because he shot so much cum, and his climax was really intense.

So what could he try having done to that delicious dick of his next, and who would be the lucky fucker to get at that uncut straight boy?

Who else could be teamed up with Chris Little other than Dan Broughton? Dan is a real professional, and he’s always hungry for some cock action. You can tell right from the start that he’s totally into this straight lad, and our straight lad seems to be pretty into Dan too!

Chris surprises everyone when he moves in for a kiss, and the shape of his thickening uncut dick in his pants is soon very visible too as it fills up. It’s really hot to see a boy getting so turned on when he’s experiencing new things with another boy, and the really big bulge is definitely a sign that he’s more into guys than he might have thought.

Dan definitely takes advantage of how horny this uncut straight boy is all the way through, sucking and licking that delicious dick and working that boy to a massive eruption of cum that I think beats even Chris’ own record! Dan takes a good shot of that hot straight boy cum in his mouth as it squirts from Chris’ cock, but the rest splashes everywhere.

Still, Dan only needs a little, and when he tastes that boys ball juice he unloads his own thick jizz all over Chris Little’s thigh.

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Straight Boy Josh Peters Wanks His Uncut Cock For The Boys!

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I noticed that a lot of you guys are into the really hot action over on the English Lads site. Is it because most of the boys there are straight and end up being paid to do not-so-straight things? Or perhaps you’re into the foreskin like I am? lol

I have to confess that it’s both of those things for me. I’ve been a member there for a while and watching all these straight guys go from being totally inexperienced to letting a guy stroke and suck them, and then seeing them fucking – or getting fucked! – is such a turn on.

And I know a lot of guys are a little skeptical about how “straight” these guys really are, but I can tell you that with this boy his sexuality is not to be questioned. Josh Peters arrived over on the site back in January 2011, and he quickly had a lot of the fans jerking off to his appearance. Not only is this straight boy an MMA fighter in the UK, he’s also been a mainstream model and appeared in a few places.

These pics are from his very first outing on the site, stripping off and showing his lean and tight muscled body. The straight boy is definitely not shy about sharing it all, and he obviously gets turned on being a bit of an exhibitionist too. All it takes is a little nudging of that 8″ uncut cock and he’s getting hard. He has one of those dicks with a really hot long foreskin over the head, and watching it sliding back over the helmet is such an awesome sight!

He doesn’t just show off his cock though, he’s horny enough to share his tight and hairless virgin straight boy hole too!

He’s appeared in a few videos over on the site, stroking himself off to a gushing load. But the real treat for me was seeing him having his cock jerked off by another boy. He lays back and gets a hot massage before his dick is taken over and wanked, then he lays back and finishes himself off to a squirting cum load over his tight abs.

If you check out the English Lads site you absolutely have to go back through the archives there and watch his videos. You can find all the guys by their pages and see all the photo shoots and videos they’ve appeared in. Start at the beginning and wank your way through it, you won’t be disappointed!

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Straight Guy Dan James Gets His Cock Serviced While Dan Broughton And Darius Fernand Fuck!

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What happens when you put a horny straight guy with a really tasty 8.5″ uncut cock in a room with two really dick-hungry gay lads? You get an awesome three way with a whole lot of action!

This is the first time I’ve mentioned the straight and fit uncut hunk Dan James on the blog, but I figured after seeing your opinions of some of the other really hot boys on the English Lads site you’d totally get off on this video. The guy is pretty hot, well muscled from playing football and working out in the gym. And although this guy started out entirely straight and a complete noob when it comes to cock on cock fun, he’s been back since that first solo jerk off video to wank on his dick with another uncut straight boy, have his cock gobbled by an expert at sucking hung dick, and lay back to have his cum load stroked from his nuts too.

So how do they push a boy like that a little further on the site? They get two of their other hot lads in the studio and have them share the straight guys uncut cock between them!

Our straight boy Dan James is getting a little bit of a show with this one too, because once the boys have sucked and licked his uncut monster cock to total hardness, young Darius Fernand bends over to take the hot fuck stick of former Mr. Gay UK Dan Broughton up his sweet little ass! I think they’re trying to show Dan James how awesome it will feel if he slides his dick into another guy, and from the cum load he delivers after I think he might just be tempted to try something like that himself!

I guess having his uncut straight boy cock sucked by those two, and watching Darius getting fucked from behind while his meat slides in and out of that boys mouth really does it for him, because Dan Broughton and Dan James both deliver two hot and creamy cum loads to that slim guy, making him totally sticky!

So, what do we thing guys, will we see Dan James stroking or sucking another guys cock some time soon? Yeah, I think so too 😉

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Paddy O’Brian Fucks Dan Broughton – Thick Straight Cock In Hot Gay Ass!

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You guys know I’m a fan of the hunks over on English Lads. What can I say? I have a love of uncut cock, and there is so much foreskin on the site it’s enough to keep me busy and stroking! Having said that, one of their cut boys is the hottest, and his name is Paddy O’Brian.

I love seeing straight guys getting their first time, and seeing some of these boys exploring how good it feels to let another guy suck their cock, or how hot it is to stroke another dudes dick, well it always gets me cumming hard!

So, even though I love uncut cock, and he’s cut, one of my favorite guys on the site is Paddy O’Brian. This gorgeous masculine dude with some fur across his muscled chest started out back in November 2010, wanking his thick straight cock on video for the first time. Since then the hetero hunk has become really popular and appeared stroking out a cum load on some other sites too. But English Lads seems to be the place he really explores things and pushes his limits.

Since that first wanking video, Paddy has explored shoving toys up his virgin hairy hole, let another guy wank him off to a cum load and fed his dick to another dude too. With every step he takes he finds out just how horny it is, and I guess when he discovered how sweet a gay blowjob feels he decided to go even further!

Dan Broughton is the hot little cock sucker who swallowed his thick straight cock in that video, and the hottie is back once again to open up his gay boy butt for the meaty stud to try out.

If you think the name Dan Broughton rings a bell, that might be because the handsome guy is a former Mr. Gay UK! But since then he’s moved into hardcore gay porn and put his mouth and ass to good use sucking and fucking some of the gorgeous lads on the site.

For this video he really works on Paddy’s cock, stroking and sucking that meaty shaft and working it up to a rock solid fuck stick ready to ram him from behind. If you’ve never seen Paddy’s cock, it really is a cut piece of meat with a big head and a wide veiny shaft, and I had to wonder just how well gay boy Dan would take it.

But, of course, Dan really takes a fucking! Paddy is so hot to watch sliding his dick in and out of Dan’s ass, and when he pulls out and dumps his cum load, and enjoys Dan firing off all over the bed, he ends his first gay fuck with a “cheers mate”. This straight London lad is definitely one of the hottest, and if you’ve never seen him in action, make sure you check out his previous videos before this one and see how his thick straight cock goes from hetero stroking stick to gay butt banger! lol

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