Broke Straight Boy Clayton Gets His First Ass Fuck From Kodi!

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Hands up all the Kodi fans amongst us! I know there’s a whole lot of you here who absolutely adore this (formerly) straight boy. I say formerly, because he’s really getting into the cock fun on the Broke Straight Boys site since his very first cock stroking solo video on there. We’ve seen him sucking cock for the first time with Rex, then we saw him return to slide his straight boy dick into Rob Ryder for his first gay fuck too.

Now it’s time to watch this gorgeous young straight boy slide his dick into another straight virgin and initiate him into the joys of gay sex too!

Young Clayton is one of those boys who kinda looks like he might be trouble. He’s probably one of those lads who scares all the parents of the girls in his neighborhood at the thought of them bringing him home. I know, because I was one of those boys once! Of course, back then I hadn’t admitted to myself that I loved the cock, so none of them knew that their precious daughters were entirely safe in the back row at the cinema lol

Straight or not, it’s time for Kodi to slip his juicy cock into another boys tight ass and stretch him open, and lucky Clayton is gonna be the recipient!

It’s amazing how hard and horny both these boys are as they slide their hands up and down the length of their buddy’s cock at the start of this video. I stick to my belief that jerking off and cock in general is a fetish even for straight guys, and seeing boys like this enjoying a mutual cock stroking just confirms that for me.

But can they suck dick with that much enjoyment? Quite simply, yeah! Kodi kicks it off, leaning over and sucking that broke straight boy into his mouth, working his tongue around that swollen helmet as he strokes himself off. He goes down, sliding his lips along the veiny thick shaft all the way, gobbling that straight guy dick and taking as much as he can. Clayton has a lot of cock to share, but I’m loving the fact that Kodi seems able to take most of it, and that he clearly loves the taste of it too!

Then it’s time for our other straight lad to get a taste, and Kodi leans back with his solid fuck stick ready to be gobbled and his low-hanging balls nestled between his thighs. Clayton does a good job on that dick, and just like Kodi he stays hard too as he slides his wet mouth over his inches. For a straight boy he really knows how to swallow a cock, taking Kodi’s dick all the way to the root and making him gasp!

Of course, this one is all about seeing that broke straight boy getting the very first cock up his virgin hole, and you have to wonder if a boy like him starts to have second thoughts when his ass is in the air and a hard dick is nudging at his boy pussy. But Clayton doesn’t chicken out, and soon he’s taking one serious ass fucking from that boy!

Kodi might look slight, but when you see him powering his solid straight boy cock into Clayton’s tight little hole with his big swinging balls rocking and slapping against Clayton’s ass, you’ll know that he’s more than capable of getting a guy off with his dick. Which is exactly what he does as Clayton lays on his back with his legs in the air and takes a pounding from that dick, forcing him to empty his nuts of his load and then take a splashing across his chest from Kodi’s meat stick too!

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