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Ben Rose Gives His Straight Guy Cock To Johan Lapointe At Video Boys!

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I recently posted some pics of a really hot video of Ben Rose sharing his straight guy cock with us before in his very first solo at Video Boys, and I was really hoping he’d come back for a little more action.

It was definitely made clear in his first appearance that this hot straight guy is a little more daring and experimental than most. As he stroked his cock for the fans he explored his tight little ass too, then slid his cock into a fleshjack and jerked himself off to a hot cum load. I knew he’d be back, but I didn’t know how far he might be willing to go with another boy.

And so we have a really hot and horny video with this gorgeous straight guy and the delicious Johan Lapointe – a boy who is almost renowned for bringing so many straight and curious boys over to enjoying boy on boy fun. He’s a real professional at working straight guy cock and teaching an inexperienced boy what a real blowjob should feel like.And if you’ve ever sucked a straight guys cock you know how easy it can be to get them tasting yours too lol

If you don’t think that a boy could really convince a guy by working over his straight guy cock for him check out what happens in this video as Johan Lapointe swallows all those inches of Ben Rose man meat and then feeds the guy his cock too!

It’s amazing what you can get a straight guy doing when you’ve sucked his cock the way it should be sucked. And after swapping those dicks with each other the ass fucking is intense too, with Ben Rose feeling what another guys ass is like, sinking his inches into Johan’s perfect ass and fucking him good and hard. Check out the impressive cum loads these boys fire off at the end and you know they both had an awesome time!

Straight Guy Wanking – New Guy Ben Rose At Video Boys

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Okay guys, I know it can be a little controversial when a straight boy starts sharing his cock with other guys, but as of this moment the young and gorgeous Ben Rose is just sharing his cock with a Fleshjack toy and the members of Video Boys, sliding his long dick into that soft and sexy tunnel and wanking himself off.

I don’t really care what the sites and the fans say about a guy like Ben Rose, I get off seeing a straight guy wanking, and I’m really hoping he might get a little more daring and be back in front of the cameras to share that delicious cock with one or two of the other boys.

Of course, it has to be said that this straight guy wanking his dick shows that he is a little bit more open and experimental than a lot of other heterosexual guys. As he pumps his hard cock in and out of that toy his other hand starts to roam and his fingers find his tight little fuck hole…

Far be it for me to suggest that this straight guy is actually more bisexual and just doesn’t know it yet, but I think with some guys you can really tell pretty quickly whether they would be into sharing their cock with another guy. I’m pretty certain we’ll be seeing Ben Rose back in the studio, and I have a very good feeling we might even see this hot young hunk taking some cock up his virgin ass too.

Watch this space, rest assured that if (or rather when!) that happens I’ll be getting some of the pics on here. In the meantime, head over to the site to watch this gorgeous straight guy wanking his cock and squirting his thick cum load 😉