Michael Owen Bulge

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Michael Owen Bulge image


  1. mark langley says

    One of the finest photograph I have seen in a long time, it’s a shame the picture is spoiled by the orange logos adorning it. I adore michael owen have done since he started out, I am not a football fan, however, seeing a gorgeous young guy like michael in shorts and thick white socks push down showing off his gorgeous muscular legs sends me into seventh heaven. Any cute young boy / young man with awesome muscular legs in thick white socks just blows my mind, and I go weak at the knees. as you have guessed I am a leg man. there is nothing finer than a great pair of legs. I hate seeing guys wearing these ankel sock or no sock at all. If you have a great pair of legs wearing long thick white or coloured socks push down as in the above picture will show off your wonderful legs to much greater effect, and will make me a very happy bunny, thanks boys. yours in anticipation. mark

  2. josh smith says

    I agree mark nothing better than a young pair of fresh hairy legs showed off with a pair if footie socks and shorts,pity michaels legs arent a bit more hairier

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