Uncut British Guy Tom King Stroking It At English Lads

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You know I love the straight boys, especially gorgeous lads like Tom King. And I think this uncut British guy is gonna be pretty popular with all you guys too when you see some of the stills from his very first video on the English Lads site.

I actually wasn’t sure about this hot guy when I first saw this 19 year old. By that I mean I don’t know if he’ll be back to do more, or if he’ll ever let another dude play with his junk. He’s really confident and totally horny to watch wanking, but he really comes across as one of those straight boys who would need a hell of a lot of convincing to do anything at all with another guy.

For instance, this uncut British guy is a Thai and traditional boxer (how straight is that!?) and I guess that makes me have a certain idea about what he might do with another lad. It’s actually not really relevant, because they have plenty of other straight guys with really butch lifestyles and interests and it hasn’t stopped them from stroking a dudes dick, sucking some cock or fucking!

Still, whether he comes back to have that cock played with for him or not, seeing him stripping off with such confidence and then playing with his delicious cock is really hot. And as said, Tom King is an uncut British guy, and he loves his foreskin too. I love seeing a hot young man like him really playing with the hood on his dick, and this guy really does play with it, stretching it out and tugging on that foreskin as he enjoys his dick.

Something else you have to know about this guy is that he’s a multiple cummer. Yeah, this guy is so horny that when he squirts his jizz he’s reloaded in a flash to dump more! I’ll let you count all the cum squirts at the end of this video, but it goes without saying that foreskin and cum fans should definitely watch it!

Fingers crossed he’ll be back – after all they’ve had marines, football players and other fighters on the site, totally straight. And plenty of them have shared some cock with other boys too!

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