Two Young Guys Jerking And Sucking Cock – Mikey And Eric At Boy Gusher!

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You know how you can usually tell right from the start whether the guys in a video are actually into it or not? I think Mikey and Eric in this video from Boy Gusher are definitely into each other pretty early on. You’d have thought that young guys jerking off and sucking some cock with a complete stranger might be a little more nervous about it, but these guys are really pretty comfortable with sharing those pricks between them.

This is actually the second part in this duo. Eric has already stroked and sucked on Mikey’s impressive boy cock, wanking him off, swallowing his inches and stroking a thick and real messy cum load from his meat, and now it’s Mikey’s turn to offer the same back as he gets to work on Eric’s boner.

I’ve grabbed some stills from the video on the site, just so you can see how hot and horny it is, and I have to say that although they might not be too experienced, these young guys jerking each other and tasting that cock meat certainly seem to get off on it!

Mikey is quick to start sucking on that boys dick, taking it deep and getting it rock hard and dribbling juice. I love all the kissing in this video too, something you don’t often get in these kinds of movies. It really does add to the horniness of the action.

Check out how much that boy cums at the end, having his ball juice worked from his solid dick!

As I mentioned in the last post from the site with a hot straight guy jerked off, they have a cheap $1 sign-up deal going on all the time over there. You should definitely check it out.

Friends Sucking Cock At Boy Gusher

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I know a couple of readers here are not too happy about the fact that we have more porn appearing on the blog. But this is a temporary thing, and there will be more of the hot and sexy young celeb boys appearing soon. It’s actually quite hard to keep a blog updated every single day with interesting and sexy stuff for the guys to enjoy, but there will be a return to posting the hot young sexy lads and not just porn.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this collection of pics with you from the Boy Gusher site. Despite the comments of some guests here, I know that a lot more of you will enjoy seeing these friends sucking cock and getting each other off.

These pics are from one of the videos in the archives on the site there, but It’s one that I’ve really enjoyed jerking off to a few times now. Both guys are really pretty sexy, and they’re really horny for each other even if they are a little nervous about sharing their dicks together on camera.

I don’t know how a guy films friends sucking cock like this without wanting to get in on the action themselves. I’d so want to be joining in! lol

Remember guys, there will be more regular hot boys, not just porn. Be a little bit patient, and maybe comment more when there is something you like? It’s very easy to complain about something you don’t like, but not that many bother to comment when they see something they DO like!

Enjoy these pics, and check the site out to see some more action like this too. They have a $1 sign up there, definitely worth it 😉

Cock Sucking Buddies – Myles Sucks Seth At BoyGusher

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How many of us here have cock sucking buddies? You know, it’s hot to have some guys in your phone you can call up and be fucking within an hour, but sometimes all you need is someone to swallow your cock for you, or a dude who really gets off on having his prick gobbled and is happy to feed it to you. I’m a big cock sucking fan, so I don’t really mind if I’m being blown or the one doing the blowing! lol

I have a few guys like that in my own phone, and this weekend I kinda hooked up with a straight buddy of mine I’ve known for ten years now and might be adding him to that list. We’ve never done anything together, but we ended up jerking off to some porn this weekend after a night out. I already knew his cock was really hot, and I’ve dreamed about getting a taste of it for a long time. After we watched the porn, and watched each other squirt cum over our chests, he teased me and said maybe he’d let me suck it next time!

So, it looks like me and my straight mate might be cock sucking buddies by the end of the month, and I can’t wait! I don’t know if he’d be into giving it back, but that’s fine by me, the dude has a thick cock and he oozes loads of precum while he’s jerking off.

I’ve been checking out some of the videos over on the Boy Gusher site today, thinking about how hot it’ll be swallowing my buddies dick, when I found this video of Seth getting his cock totally serviced by his buddy Myles.

There are actually two videos for this one, because a real good cock sucking takes a while. And that guy is rewarded for his efforts by a massive load of hot fresh cum at the end of it too!

I’ve grabbed some stills from the videos for you, and I think you can tell from these just how horny Myles is for the taste of dick meat!

Check out the video over on the site – you can get access to everything there for a $1 trial. I know you guys like those cheap deals, and I have to confess that I definitely do too!

Straight College Boy Tony Hart Jerked To A Cum Load At Boy Gusher!

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Okay guys, I know that sinking your cock into another guy is obviously amazing, and having a guy sucking the cum from your nuts always gets me unloading real hard, but there is definitely something about stroking a dudes dick until it’s squirting cum that can be hotter than anything else – especially when it’s a straight college boy getting jerked off like Tony Hart in this video over on the Boy Gusher site!

I love their videos. Ever since I found their site a year or so ago I’ve been hooked on watching these lads having their dicks stroked and sucked for them until their nuts are pumping out their cream. They always cum pretty hard too, even if they are straight! Plenty of them even get to sharing dick with the other straight boys there too, and if you haven’t seen that before on the site it’s definitely worth checking out!

One of the latest guys to have his dick stroked by expert hands is the hot straight college boy Tony Hart. He plays ball in college, which explains that really hot body. But although he’s straight, he knows how good it feels to have someone stroke your cock until you’re blowing your wad.

And Tony has definitely come to the right place to experience what it feels like to have another dude jacking you off, because that’s some real professional cock pleasing skill the guy has.

Check out the double-handed jerking he gives that straight college boy, leading to a pretty hot cum load shooting out of that cock. That’s one jerk off I don’t think our straight college boy is gonna be forgetting for a while!

Oh, and I have to mention too that they have a bargain price on sign up of $1. Yeah, I know a few sites do that these days, but the ones we share pics from are definitely worth it!