Straight Boys Glory Hole Adventure

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I’m guessing that a few of you guys have some secret places you know you can go to get some no-strings cock. I have a couple of places in my town where the guys all hang out and wank their cocks together, suck each other off and pleasure random strangers. It’s pretty hot that quite a few straight guys go to get their cocks sucked by a real pro. I suppose that happens everywhere though.

So this is another installment of the Small World – Big Dicks series on the Blake Mason site, and it stars a hot straight lad who has only wanked off his hard cock on video before. After seeing him stroking the spooge from his 8″ uncut cock I couldn’t wait to see if he’d come back for more!

Deliciously dark Nathaniel B is one of those guys who loves to get some head, and although he’s completely hetero, he’s been talking to some of his gay mates and decides to try some man mouth on his dick. This is the straight boys glory hole session, his first time getting his dick sucked by another guy, and from the look on his face and the cum he squirts over Fraser Jacs’ face at the end, he really enjoyed it!

Nathaniel was told by his gay buddies about this secret place where they go to get their cocks sucked by a complete stranger on the other side of the wall, and Nathaniel kind of figures that if he cant see the guy sucking him off it’s not quite so bad.

Fraser Jacs is the horny gay guy waiting to receive that straight boys glory hole cock, and when he gets a look at that 8″ uncut monster hanging through the opening he’s more than happy to get gobbling on that thing!

That straight boys glory hole cock is hard right from the start, but when Fraser starts licking and sucking, kissing and wanking that shaft his meat throbs and twitches with pleasure. He’s finally feeling what a real blowjob is like!

Of course, sucking a hot cock like that gets Fraser all worked up too, and he’s soon got his own pink dick in his hand, wanking himself off as he devours that straight boys solid shaft and works him up to a thick and messy cum load.

I love seeing a guy taking a facial, and after Fraser takes all that straight guy cum all over his handsome face he’s quick to stand up and wank out his own splashing jizz load too!

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